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Address: YOU Travel Whangarei,
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**** NOTE ****

Please check that the name in your bookings must be the same as the barcode strip in your passport. Incorrect spelling will result in Airline name correction fees.



Please note that upon acceptance of our travel proposal, and paying a deposit, some or all of the money paid will become non-refundable. It is very important that you take out travel cancellation insurance to cover your funds for cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.

We are happy to give you a quote on this.

The amount of cover; how and when it is activated; your emergency number & procedure; policy excesses; “who” is covered; that pre-existing medical conditions are covered; policy age limits; and that it covers you for the whole duration of the trip. Please ensure that you have a copy of the policy wording before making your decision.  

-  You should take travel insurance that at least covers cancellation / overseas medical costs / loss of baggage


Once you have taken out Travel Insurance (through which ever provider), please ensure that you take a copy of the policy and the “Schedule of Benefits and Exclusions” with you so you know what you could claim for if you had to.

In the event of an incident, IT IS IMPERATIVE that you obtain written records, photo’s, and proof from official sources to substantiate your claim. Lack of proof will severely slow up the claim process.

  • For an airline delay, you would need a note from the airline verifying the delay.
  • For a medical claim, a note from the medical practitioner explaining what procedures were undertaken and why
  • For a lost bag – an airline lost luggage incident form, and a list of contents of the bag
  • For a damaged bag - an airline baggage incident form and photos of the damage
  • For stolen items, a Police report, or copy of the report from the accommodation provider

Passports & Visas

*** PASSPORTS ***    

  • For all travel beyond New Zealand all travellers will require a valid passport. Many countries also require you to have at least 1 completely unused page in your passport.
  • Your tickets MUST be issued in exactly the same first & last name as in your passport. (Middle names are NOT required).
  • Many countries require your passport to be valid for more than six months beyond the expected date of your return, and for some countries you must have a machine-readable passport.
  • Your passport should be in good condition as if it is damaged or excessively worn it may not be valid for travel.

Useful Website: www.passports.govt.nz


  • It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate documentation including visas. We are happy to assist you in determining visa requirements wherever possible.
  • You will be required to obtain a visa from the country you intend to visit if you have a criminal conviction, or any contagious disease.
  • If you are not on a NZ/Australian passport, you require a re-entry permit to allow you back into New Zealand
  • Please note that all non-NZ/Australian passport holders (no matter how long that you have been in New Zealand for) require a visa to enter Australia.
  • No matter what passport you are on, some countries a valid visa will be required. These countries include (but are not
    limited to): USA (including Hawaii), Vietnam, India, China, Russia.


New Zealand Passport holders (and some other foreign passport holders can apply for the Visa authority via the following official web-links:

DO NOT GOOGLE the weblinks. Use the ones above. There are many scam sites. DO NOT PAY MORE THAN USD14.00 for a USA Visa.
If it asks for more than USD$14.00, it is a scam site.

Please endeavour to issue your USA ESTA & Canadian ETA Visa’s a FULL TWO MONTHS prior to travel. This advance time ensures that a margin of time is allowed for should there be any unexpected technicalities in issuing the Visa’s.


In new regulations to curb child trafficking, a recent change in requirements for travelling with children to South Africa & Brazil now requires that as well as passports, children must carry an unabridged Birth Certificate & a signed affidavit by both parents.

Travel Notes


Please note that with 99% of airline bookings, once the ticket has been issued, airlines will charge fees to date change & route change. These fees can be high, depending on the fare conditions, and the new flight dates that you wish to book.

Fees will also apply for cancellations. These fees can be as much as 100% of the fare.

Name changes to a different person are not possible.

Please be very sure of your booking before you purchase your tickets and ensure that you take Travel insurance to cover
for unforseen circumstances.


Please note that Cruises and Tours require deposits to hold a space on the departure that you want. Once paid these deposits are non-refundable. Similarly, once full payment is made, this will generally be non-refundable as well.

It is imperative that you take travel insurance out at the time of paying your deposit.


If you are travelling to any parts of the world where health standards are considered to be less than in New Zealand, in particular if you are travelling to rural or jungle areas, please consult with your Doctor as to whether or not you will require any immunisations prior to arrival. Please ensure you check well in advance of your travel date.

The official NZ Government site has valuable information on up-to-date world issues that could affect your travel, as well as providing a register for Kiwi’s travelling overseas.

Weblink: https://www.safetravel.govt.nz/


If you have a criminal record, there is a high probability that you will need a visa to travel to that (any) overseas country. Please ensure that you get clearance to travel to all countries BEFORE you buy your travel arrangements, as you may be refused entry. Your Travel Insurance will not cover cancellation due to criminal convictions or outstanding fines.

If you have outstanding fines, you could be stopped from travelling at the airport. To check this please call

(PH 0800 729 677) or visit


Please note that most of our prices are subject to the changes of the currency markets. Many of our operators have small safety margins on currencies, but when large shifts in the dollar happen, we are given little (a few days) or no warning that your prices will increase.

The best way to avoid having to pay the additional currency surcharges is to pay for your holiday in full. Once paid in full, suppliers are
obligated to honour the rate that you paid on the day that you paid it.

It is also worth your while to keep an eye on exchange rates, and when you think that rates are the most favourable, buy your spending money (either in foreign cash, or add it to your Cash Passport).


Many airlines now only offer the option to choose specific seat numbers prior to check-in as a Paid option only. Seating is not guaranteed, even if paid for. Airlines try, but do not guarantee that everyone will be seated together.

Many things can happen in your travels to upset or alter your travel plans. It is very important to us that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. If you do encounter a problem with the plans that we have booked, we ask that you contact us immediately to allow
us to find a solution as quickly as possible.

Just call our office number +64-9-4384939, and tell our answering service that you have a problem and wish to be put through to the on-call consultant. This is a 24 hour service that we offer in order to give you the best possible travel experience.


Before you travel, please give us any frequent flyer numbers that are relevant to your itinerary. Ensure to keep all boarding passes,
and any ticket copies as they may be required to claim any missed points.

It is imperative that you check and chase any missed pointsdirectly with the frequent flyer club within 1 month of the date of travel, it
is YOUR responsibility to do this. Your Travel consultant cannot retrieve points missed for any reason once the airline deadline has passed.

Do not throw away your boarding passes until you have checked that your points have arrived on your statement. Also, some very cheap fares do not allow you to accrue frequent flyer points.


Should you need to change or cancel your booking there may be charges associated with the extra work and time needed. In addition substantial fees may be charged by Service Providers and they will vary from one to another as well as depending upon the
time at which you cancel or amend your arrangements.

The amount of each supplier’s cancellation or amendment fee is beyond our control and payment is solely your responsibility. We suggest that you consult the relevant brochure or ask us for advice.

You may or may not be entitled to a refund depending upon the refund policies and conditions of the Service Provider(s). To enable us to assist you in seeking a refund you must apply for refunds within ten days of completion of travel arrangements and have available the original unused tickets or vouchers, or where possible, written confirmation from the Service Provider(s) that the service was not availed and a refund is due. If we obtain a refund on your behalf, please note that a fee may be applicable.


We recommend the following check-in times:

  • International - Two & ½ hours prior to Departure
  • Domestic within NZ - 40 mins prior to Departure
  • Domestic Overseas - 1 & ½ hours prior to Departure

Before you leave home we recommend that you recheck that you have packed the following:

  • Airline tickets and other documentation
  • Valid passport and visa if applicable
  • Completed departure cards
  • Travel insurance
  • Foreign currency


Airline baggage allowances are constantly changing. They also differ depending on the fare that you have purchased. Below are some of the more common airlines and their checked baggage allowances:

Checked baggage allowance per passenger:

  • Air Fiji (FJ): up to 23kg
  • Air NZ (NZ): 1 bag at up to 23kg
  • Air Tahiti Nui  (TN):1 bag at up to up to 23kg
  • Bangkok Air (PG): up to 20kg
  • China Airlines (CI): up to 20kg
  • China Southern Air (CZ): 2 bags at up to 23kg per bag
  • Emirates (EK): up to 30kg (correct as at 02Jun15)
  • Etihad (EY): up to 30kg (correct as at 02Jun15)
  • Hawaiian Airlines (HA): 2 bags at up to 32kg per bag
  • Lufthansa (LH): 1 bag at up to 23kg (correct as at 024Jun15)
  • Malaysian Air (MH): 2 bags with a combined total of up to 30kg
  • Singapore Airlines (SQ): up to 30kg
  • South African Air (SA): 1 bag at up to 23kg
  • Qatar Airways (QR): up to 30kg
  • Qantas (QF): up to 30kg (correct as at 02Jun15)
  • Thai airways (TG): up to 30kg
  • Vietnam Airlines (VN): up to 20kg

Please ensure that you check your baggage allowances for each airline with the individual airline website.


Please note that many fares booked for Domestic USA, & UK, & Europe Intra-City flights no longer include checked baggage allowances. To take a checked bag, there is an additional cost that is collected at check-in. Costs range depending on
the length of the journey, but generally expect to pay between (Equivalent of) NZD$35 – $NZD45.00  per piece (up to 23kg).


All baggage should be clearly labelled both inside and outside with your name, address and phone number.

No knives, cutting instruments, sharp objects of any kind or novelty items such as toy guns or weapons can be carried on-board. These items must be checked in. Items found during security checks will be permanently confiscated.

Any liquids, aerosols or gels to be taken in carry-on baggage must be in containers of 100ml or less. All such containers must be carried in one re-sealable transparent plastic bag (per passenger) of approximately 20cm x 20cm or less.  

For full details and exemptions see


Travellers to the UK, USA and Canada may be required to at airport check-in, including telephones, laptops , tablets and e-books. This means charging your devices before arriving at the airport.  All passengers will still be required to follow instructions for electronic devices for take-off and landing. Other countries are likely to follow suit. You will not be allowed to board your flight, unless you choose to leave the device behind. These regulations are specified by the authorities of the three countries. There are no facilities to keep devices in storage. Please ensure that items you bring with you are fully powered before you arrive at the airport.


Please note that all Lithium batteries, or devices containing Lithium batteries MUST be taken in your HAND LUGGAGE

Deposits, payments & prices


A Deposit is required as confirmation of your acceptance of a travel booking. The amount of deposit differs from trip to trip, and in many cases may be the full amount. Once the deposit has been paid we will proceed to make the necessary reservations for you. The deposit is part payment of the full price.

Our prices are based on payment by cash, eftpos, cheque, or direct credit. Cheques will be accepted if payment is made more than 10 days before departure.

Credit card fees apply at the following surcharges:

  • 2.3% for Visa or Mastercard
  • 3% AMEX or Diners or Q-Card

If you wish to pay by internet banking, our account details are below. As a reference, please just put as much of your surname first, and initial as you can fit.


Our Bank Account details (if you wish to pay by Internet Banking) are:

  • Account Name: Roseman & Warren Travel Ltd
  • Westpac, Rathbone St, Whangarei          
  • 0304980747530 02
  • Company Address: 68 Cameron Street, Whangarei, New Zealand

If paying from overseas, our SWIFT CODE IS: WPACNZ2W

*** PRICES ***

The prices quoted are correct at the time of writing your original quote, but for various reasons, including currency fluctuation and service provider price changes are subject to increases until your final payment is made. (In rare occasions providers overseas providers can also add extra taxes after final payment).

If you have paid a deposit we will contact you to advise of any such increases pending. Before full payment, we reserve the right to charge these additional amounts, above our original quoted cost.

Extra’s not specified in our itinerary or pricing are to be paid direct to the supplier (such as: Meals, laundry, phone costs, sightseeing, taxes. Gratuities, visa fees, etc.).

Any ticketable taxes or levies are included in our price, however some countries require additional airport taxes, resort
fees, and Tourist taxes. You will need to pay these direct to the supplier.


More and more Hotels, & Resorts are adding “Hotel Fees”, “Resort Fees”, “Cleaning Charges” etc. to their room rates. Similarly, city’s impose their own mandatory “Tourist Taxes” which are a per night fee levied on tourists.

These fees are at the whim of hotels and resorts and local Government bodies to impose as they wish, and we have no control over when and what they will charge. We will endeavour to alert you of these fees where we can but cannot take responsibility for these
fees, as they are completely out of our control.

Currently, these additional fees are common with hotels and resorts in: Hawaii, Las Vegas, New York, USA, Italy, and Dubai, but
many other cities around the world will also have them.  


Your final tickets and documents will normally be prepared between 2-3 weeks prior to your departure.
If you need them earlier for any reason, please let us know.

We normally like to go through the documents in person with you, so please ring us to make a time to go over them with you.

Please note that airline tickets are all Electronic, but we will include copies either in this document, or separately in your ticket wallet.

Useful Links

What will the weather be like?

Use the below Weblink to see what the weather is historically like on the day that you are going to
your destination.

Weblink:  https://www.wunderground.com/history

What type of power plugs?

Use the below Weblink to see what sort of power plugs you should take with you on your travels.

Weblink https://www.power-plugs-sockets.com

Check your flight departure from Auckland

Use the below Weblink to check your flight departures from Auckland on your day of travel.

Weblink  https://www.aucklandairport.co.nz/flights?leg=Departures is an annual membership programme that you join

An annual of approx USD$99 membership fee gives you access to “pay as you enter” airport lounges around the world. Each visit costs around USD $27.00 per person, per entry, and you can take guests at the same cost.

Weblink to view Priority Pass: https://www.prioritypass.com/

Please note that this is not a product that we sell (go direct to the website above to join), but it is a programme that we use ourselves, and can recommend.

Who we are

Roseman & Warren Travel, trading as You Travel Whangarei is one of New Zealand’s oldest continuously operating travel agencies. Established in 1947, we have been a successful retail travel Agency in Northland for over 70 years. We are a 100% privately owned Whangarei company.


We will endeavour to provide you with documentation for the services detailed, subject to the following:

  1. We are agents and not the providers of the services and products supplied by airlines, tour operators, hoteliers, car rental providers and other services - “Service Providers”. All contractual arrangements for such services are supplied by us strictly as agents for and on behalf of the Service Providers and all documentation is issued by us subject to United Travel terms and conditions and also the terms and conditions of the Service Providers.
  2. What we supply to you is the arrangement and coordination of your travel and ancillary services, the making of bookings, and
    issuing/supplying of tickets and vouchers to be redeemed by Service Providers. We will exercise all reasonable care and skill in carrying out the above services and in the selection of Service Providers.
  3. We acknowledge that we are bound by the statutory guarantees under the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993 where applicable.
  4. When issued by each Service Provider, such Service Provider’s documentation and contract shall, unless inconsistent with the law of New Zealand, constitute the sole agreement relevant to the supply of the particular service or product and shall be governed by the terms and conditions of that Service Provider subject to the applicable law in the country in which it is supplied.
  5. We have no control over the products or services provided by Service Providers or the manner in which they are provided. We will nevertheless endeavour to ensure that they are suitable to meet the particular requirements you have made known to us.
  6. We cannot accept liability for loss of any kind which arises from any act, omission or default on the part of Service Providers. Neither can we accept responsibility for loss caused by Acts of God or force majeure such as (but not restricted to) weather or equipment disruptions, acts of government or other authorities, wars, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, pilferage, medical or customs regulations or requirements.
  7. Travel is an individual experience and opinions and preferences differ from person to person. Individual satisfaction can be affected by many circumstances beyond our control (e.g. the weather) and we cannot be responsible if any aspect of your trip does not meet your expectations.
  8. We will take reasonable care and skill in selecting suppliers to ensure your safety and enjoyment but any adventure activity has some measure of risk and therefore all bookings are made on the condition that you will accept those risks and acknowledge that neither we nor any of our officers, employees, agents, subcontractors nor your fellow passengers shall be liable in any way for injury, loss, damage or claim of any kind to person or property, whether direct, consequential or compensatory, regardless of cause.
  9. Please note that images used in our documents are a guide only.

We wish you a very enjoyable and successful trip!

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